With Halloween being one of my family’s favorite holidays, my kids and I will start pulling out the decorations the first week in October.  We decorate everywhere–inside, outside, you name it.   As my kids start getting older, I really do my best to make the most of the holidays because time is fleeting.    However, the holidays as we all know can be stressful on us as working parents, so being organized is very important to me because I  have a limited amount of time and energy.  I have also accumulated a lot of props and have spent a small fortune on everything, so it behooves me to take care of everything as well as being organized.  I am therefore really careful as to how I store my items.   Here are some storage tips that I have practiced over the years that will help make your process as stress free as possible when taking out and putting things away for the holiday season.

Designate a place.

I promise you that by having a specific location for your decorations will make your life easier!  It will also make the cleanup process much simpler.     Knowing where your containers and items are and having easy access to them will save you time and energy.  Whether you store your items on shelves in the garage or in storage containers on the side of your house, you need to have a place for them.




Storage Bins:

Depending on the items, I use lots of storage bins. Sturdy plastic bins will help keep your Halloween decorations in excellent shape year after year. I prefer using clear storage bins of all sizes from Target so I can see what’s in them.


As with my Christmas items, I find that when I label the boxes it’s much easier for me because I may not want to use certain items each year.  Label the storage bins on both sides to help make identification quicker.



Filling Bins:

When filling your bins, put similar decorations together. Ex. Store all your skeleton decorations in one box, your bats in another, and your ghostly items in still another box. By keeping similar items with each other, you will be able to quickly find what you are looking for in the future , even if you forget to label the exterior of the box.


Remember to place the heavier boxes and storage bins on the bottom of your storage area. Placing heavy items can destroy fragile ornaments. Keep the items that you will be using earlier in the Halloween season near the front of your “Halloween Storage” area. That way you can quickly and easily access what you need without any major fuss.  If you can, hang all wreaths and hanging ghouls or lay them in a flat box.  Tombstones can can be placed on shelves.


I’m a purger by nature so I am constantly weeding through items. If you feel that you no longer will be using a particular Halloween decoration, then get rid of it–especially if you have a limited amount of space like I do.. You can either give your props away or sell them.  This year after having the same theme for many years, I plan on wiping the slate clean and selling the majority of my items.

Drying Items Out:

 Lastly, when you’re finished using your outdoor items, remember to dry everything out thoroughly before storing them away because mold will grow.  I usually lay items out in the sun for a day and dry them with a cloth before packing them away.