Flower Faeries

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Flower Faerie Characters

Do you believe in faeries? At The Cinderella Company we definitely do, and you will too after our delicate winged creatures magically appear at your home or in your garden. These lovely apparitions light up any occasion with their special sparkle, imaginative costumes and iridescent wings. They look a little like flowers, a little like butterflies, and they bring the land of faeries to life, ensuring that your gathering will live in young imaginations for years to come.


Winter Faerie The beautiful Winter Faerie never feels the cold even though she is barefoot. She is a true winter faerie who loved the cold, crisp feel of snow and ice. She knows many different kinds of snowflakes and is considered a great scholar of snow.

Willow Faerie Tree faeries are the most daring of all the faeries They have no fear of heights. She has a playful side and may be spotter swinging across the stream on one of her long drooping branches.

Holly Faerie The Holly Faerie parades her scarlet berries, knowing the will soon be picked to make wreaths and other decorations to celebrate the most magical time of the year.

Candytuft Faerie The Candytuft Faerie loves talking with her faerie friends. The youngest flower faeries adore her because she tells them stories at bedtime and always has sticky sweets to give them.

Water Faerie Water Faeries live by the clear streams and banks of rivers and spend their days playing by the watery edge. Sometimes you can hear their silvery voices, which sound a bit like running water.

Rose Faerie The Rose Faerie tiptoes about her plant, picking off the old petals from her flowers. She chooses the softest petals to dress in and is never hurt by her own thorns.

Marigold Faerie The Marigold Faerie is usually fond in the sunniest spot. She loves to soak up sunshine, and her vivid color reflects the sun’s golden rays.