I really can’t help but use the phrase, “Let it Go” right now.  Today we had to cancel  several of our large Halloween events throughout the Northern CA region that we spent a lot of time preparing for, due to the rain.  Although it was very sad and disappointing to have to do that, Jennifer and I kept our emotions in check and dealt accordingly with what needed to be done.  This of course got me to thinking.  As people, how do you react when life throws a curve ball?  For me personally, when I was a bit younger and my children were small, I didn’t always take unexpected challenges in stride.  I really hate having to admit that, but it’s the truth.  I can vividly remember certain challenging situations happening, and I found myself becoming somewhat emotionally charged over them–okay, very emotionally charged.  And there was my husband right beside me telling me to calm down; thank God for that!  The reason that I say that is because these were not serious life and death issues–no one was hurt in the process, it was simply a matter of my having high expectations and wanting what I wanted.  As I’ve gotten older though and I have grown as a parent, a business owner and a person, very little phases me now.  I totally understand that “life happens” and “it is what it is”.  As people, we can either spend our much needed time and energy worrying, being sad or complaining about something that we have no control over, or we can accept the situation at hand, deal with it as best as possible and then move on from it.   I promise, the faster we let go of something the faster we will pass through the situation. So as I have learned to tell my kids, “if life hands you a bunch of lemons, make some lemonade out of it! ” For you adults, I suggest vodka and tonic.