After a year of Frozen mania, I for one am ready to move on in a new direction.  With the upcoming March 13th release of the film version of Cinderella, this theme is the perfect party idea for your daughter’s next birthday!  For me, the Cinderella story has always been near and dear to my heart.  Not only did Jennifer and I title our company after this princess, but I chose this theme for my oldest daughter’s first princess party at the age of four, many years ago.  And it was that very first party long ago that inspired me to become a children’s event planner a couple of years afterward.

One of the things that I love about this theme is that you can use many different things for decorating: mice, glass slippers, carriage, pumpkins etc.  I LOVE using and decorating with pumpkins, so I use them every chance I can. Pinterest is a great site for party ideas!  Below are some party theme ideas.



Table Decor

You can usually find pumpkins at Michaels, Jo Ann’s or Hobby Lobby.  I prefer using the white pumpkins and spraying them with a hint of blue paint and glitter.   Years ago, I had one of my close artist friends create several Cinderella centerpieces for me because at the time, Cinderella was one of my most popular theme.  The main piece that she created, was a replica of the the pumpkin coach that was on display in one of the shop windows on Main Street in Disneyland.  She had carved out a door, used hinges, place gold duponi silk inside the cab and painted a gilded “C” on the door.  The pumpkin was placed on an iron base that I had made with seat and and turning wheels!  I then had several other pumpkins designed that represented the different phases of the coach development.   A delicate briar patch type of greenery with pretty flowers will complete the  look!  For table linen, I like the idea of using a pretty shade of blue–something on the darker side to represent night time.  I also prefer the romantic look of a cloth that drops down to the floor and always use a  lightweight fabric that will drape more easily.



Place Holders

Depending on what your centerpiece is, and the look you are going for, these are cute.


Food Display


Photo Op






Take Home Treat



Cake Ideas