Happy Valentine’s Day!  Today, couples from around the world recognize Valentine’s Day. For most, Valentine’s Day is a day of love, a day to shower your beloved with gifts and tokens of appreciation, to enjoy a nice meal with them, and to have moments of romance. Many consider it to be a “Hallmark” greeting-card holiday, created by the retail business in order to get people to spend money on flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, jewelry, travel, meals, and other luxuries. However, Valentine’s Day is not a modern creation. Rather, it is a day with ancient roots, both cultural and religious. With many legends and tales surrounding Valentine’s Day, the supposed day of love, it can be difficult to ascertain exactly where and how Valentine’s Day originated. Valentine’s Day is not a global holiday. It is celebrated in many countries, but its classification as a holiday is somewhat limited. It is also referred to as St. Valentine’s Day, or the Feast of Saint Valentine, which gives the impression that the celebrations on February 14 have Christian roots. However, the day is also said to have Pagan origins. So with that said, no one can say for sure where Valentine’s Day originated from. Many people will argue that the holiday has Pagan roots, perhaps inspired by the Roman festival of Lupercalia.  Meanwhile, other people view it as a Christian holiday, started by a brave St. Valentine who went against the law and married those who were in love, or a St. Valentine who fell in love with a warden’s daughter, and who lost his life due to the love letters he wrote to her, signed “Your Valentine.” Regardless of the roots of the holiday, Valentine’s Day remains a popular day to be in love. –